Friday, March 12, 2010


As the end of the schoolyear nears, we are also trying to see how far the styro-free campaign has gone. We're now compiling our observations and photos to sum up this year's campaign, and see what we can do to improve it for the new schoolyear. We would like to thank everyone who commented on this blog through the shoutbox--keep 'em coming, we value your insights. :)

The updates and plans for the coming schoolyear will be posted soon. Stay tuned!

If you have ideas and photos you would like to share and have published on this blog, please don't hesitate to e-mail us at Thank you!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pistang Tomas 2009

Another styro-free event! The Pistang Tomas Partner Communities' Trade Fair will bring partner community leaders and their homegrown products to the university. Come with your bayongs or reusable shopping/grocery bags and support organic and handmade products from our very own partner communities!

We are expecting 22 communities from indigenous, rural, coastal, and urban areas. Products range from rootcrops (gabi, kamote, yacon, ube), fruits (papaya, dalanghita, suha, bananas), vegetables, crafts (bow and arrow sets, flutes, recycled art), accessories (bracelets, charms), cleaning agents (dishwashing liquid, fabric softener, soaps), and sewn works (pouches, ref covers, bags, rugs). There will also be upholstery and reflexology services. See you there!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sittie's Suggestion

We've received an e-mail from Sittie, a Chemistry student from the College of Science! Here are her thoughts for the campaign. Thanks, Sittie!

Hi! With regards to the styro-free campaign, I think fastfood chains & stores in UST should also participate in advocating this since they are the no. 1 users of styro. If the fastfood chains do this then definitely the students will also be encouraged not to use styro. It's just a domino effect. In addition, students should also be aware of the consequences of the continuous usage of styro to our environment. There should be a constant reminder to everyone. After some time of reminding, people will get used to it. Eventually it will become a part of their lives. Aside from that, I think it will be good if articles related to styro will be published.

-Sittie, College of Science (Chemistry)

That's a very good suggestion. We have good news--food establishments within the university that once used styro are now using alternative packaging, like paper bowls and cartons, for their food. In addition, some canteens are also now investing in plates and reusable serving trays. :) Yup, we are "making a buzz" about being styro-free, as well as taking the campaign further and advocating also for climate change adapatation and disaster risk reduction.

We greatly appreciate students like you who care--that really is the first step. Thank you so much!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

today's good news

U.S., China make progress in tackling climate change

Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, November 17, 2009; 6:07 PM

Buried in the text of Tuesday's joint declaration between the President Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao was a significant climate announcement: The Obama administration will offer numerical emission reduction targets as part of next month's negotiations, as long as the Chinese offer a climate proposal of their own.

Continue reading the article from the Washington Post.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Org Advisers sign up to be Styro-free

We would like to officially welcome the following organization advisers to the Movement for a Styro-free University:

  • Karlo Jay Perez - USTHS Athletics Club
  • Lean Ann Sarmiento - UST-YCS
  • Mary Jho-Anne T. Corpuz - Scholia Tutorial Club, Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Mark Anthony D. Abenir - Rotaract CRS
  • Ma. Elena N. Mendoza - USTHS Music Ensemble
  • Ruben Sinugbuhan - High School
  • Maria Lulu P. Orlina - HS Glee Club
  • Joel Bryan Guevara - High School
  • Vynette V. dela Cruz - High School
  • Marvi S. Pauy - High School
  • Jayvee Ignacio - Nursing Varsity Council
  • Elmer C. Hibek - Nursing Journal
  • Brenda T. Luy, R.N. - Medical Mission Inc. - Nursing group
  • Dennis S. Cuadra - Nursing RCYC
  • Estelle Rose M. Lerma - Nursing Chorale
  • Gian Carlo Torres - Nursing Central Board of Students
  • Anita A. Cabezon - Nursing Central Board of Students
  • Monaryn A. Borbo - Nursing Dance Troupe
  • Melanie Turingan - Nursing Association of Student Achievers
  • Erickson Paragas - Rotaract Nursing
  • Ruth Equipaje - UAPSA-UST Architecture
  • John Ong - Scarlet
  • Rhona P. Ramos - Scholia Tutorial Club - Pharmacy
  • Rosario R. Aranda - Pharmacy
  • Rhodelia H. Mendoza - Phramacy Debate Coalition
  • Ligaya O. bron - AMV-COA Rotaract
  • Riaz Benjamin - ComAch-Commerce
  • Joyce G. Mana - SWDB-Commerce
  • Maria Paula Joan E. Tiongco - TJMA-Commerce; JFINEX-Commerce
  • Nancy C. Bartolome - SIFE
  • Emelito F. Sarmago - COMPAR
  • Florence Ledesma - SWDB-AB
  • Mila C. Aquino - ComAch
  • Analiza A. Yanga - Asian Studies Society
  • Ma. Carmelita C. Coloma - Becarios de Santo Tomas
  • Ana Ruby M. Paez - STAUST Educ
  • Myra P. De Leon - UST ISA; Comelec Educ
  • Arlene C. De Leon - ComAch Educ; EHS Student Council
  • Beatriz B. Ribleza - EHS Comelec
  • Marivic L. Torres - USTHS Student Council
  • Gina R. Dedeles - Microbiology Society, College of Science
  • Mae Lowe Diesmos - Biosoc
  • Paul A. - Comelec
  • Aguedo Florence A. Jalin Jr. - Institute of Religion
  • Ferdinand I. Dela Paz - Arkitrato, College of Architecture
  • Marites Rano RedoƱa - Christ Youth in Action - Engineering
  • Angelina A. Silverio - Applied Physics Society
  • Felicidad Christina R. Ramirez - UST Chemical Society
  • Evangeline E. Timbiang - CTHM Comelec
  • Remedios P. Abuton - HRMS
  • Toots Lorete - CTHM Pax Romana
  • Aristoteles Estrella - Touchpoint
  • Jose Tolentino D. Olivar II - Thomasian Debaters Council
  • Christina Sagum - Phil. Association of Nutrition
  • Grace F. Azares - Education Student Council
  • Ma. Susana R. Gualvez - Rotaract Education
  • Joel Adamos - Education
  • Aurora Cristina P. Bermudez - Rhythmyx Dance Troupe; Educ SWDB
  • Carol Geraldine C. Pablo - Tigers Rowing Team
  • Marilyn Ngo - Scarlet Pharmacy

They attended the Advisers' Meeting conducted by the Office for Student Affairs last September 17 and they signed their Styro-free Pledges in support of the campaign. Congratulations!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

stickers and bookmarks giveaway!

We're giving away stickers and bookmarks to Styro-free (or those who want to be Styro-free) Thomasians. Just drop by our office at Room 115, Main Building, and submit a 10-page written proposal of how you can make UST Styro-free.
(We're kidding! Just knowing that you're pro-earth is enough for us. Of course, it would also be nice to hear your ideas.)